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Lonely At The Top

JULY 13th, 2021

Traveling to Tokyo was like stepping into a whole nother world. Everyone was polite, workers dressed the same and was overall clean; this is all despite there being almost 14 million people living virtually on top of each other. There was no part of the city that felt unsafe to walk in, and I was always greeted with a smile despite not knowing the language. However, as much as I loved to visit I'm sure it's quite a lonely place to live if I couldn't communicate.

There are many forms of feeling alone, but one that many overlook is the perception that you are better than others around you. We as people tend to form groups with others that share a battlefield trench with us, and if someone hasn't experienced similar hardships or successes then sometimes they may feel out of reach.

So the next time you feel another person you know seems unreachable to communicate with, remember, they may have your same feelings of wanting to reach out. Take the time to know more about those who have shown interest in your life and enjoy the journey, because you never know what kind of friends you may wind up with who you can truly trust.





The original photo in full color.

Photo: Tokyo, Japan - April 2016






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