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Jeff Danhauser has spent the majority of his life traveling the globe in search for his place in it..  A professional photographer by trade and spanning six continents and 150+ cities, Jeff set out to capture the raw emotion we all feel regardless of which country we call home.  What began as a simple journey of self worth became a quest to connect all of us as human beings.

As a self-taught photographer spanning two decades, he uses a unique blend of black and white with strategic color emphasizing a mood.  Each piece abstractly allows the viewers to create their own assumptions of emotion as well as provide his own inspiration and thoughts.  Even though his work is specifically created to tell a story, he understands that everyone has their story as well.

With home bases of Los Angeles and now New York City, Jeff has surrounded himself with the ideal settings to bring his work to life.  He has sold numerous photographs independently as art decor, but has always considered his true passion of raw emotion more alluring, and the quest to find that emotion in even the most basic of places enticing. 


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